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Aquatic PowerPoint Presentations & Published Articles

PowerPoint Presentations

We have prepared the following informational PowerPoint presentations for groups interested in aquatic safety. They are available free of charge upon request.

  • Eliminating and Reducing Spinal Cord Injuries in the Aquatic Environment presented to University of Alabama Birmingham Center Spinal Cord Injury Reporting Center approximately April of 2001. 
  • A Life Guard Training Comparative Study presented to the NRPA March of '02
  • Adequate Supervision and Maintenance of Semi-Public Pools Results in Reduction of Serious Injuries presented to the National Aquatic Coalition April of 2003
  • Promoting Life Guarding As a Profession
  • What To Do When An Accident Occurs; Preparation For Litigation And Tips For Prevention of Litigation presented to the MRPA Annual Meeting in 2004 in Grand Rapids
  • The Standard of Care for AED Usage at Aquatic Facilities in the State of Michigan - presented to the MRPA annual meeting 2/7/05.
  • Summary of ANSI/IAP-9 (2005) Aquatic Recreation
    Facilities Standard 12/6/05
  • How to Provide a Safer Environment at Your Aquatic Facility presented to the Texas Public Pool Council January 6, 2006 at College Station, Texas

A PowerPoint presentation are now available on all of the above via email upon request.


Published Articles

The following published articles are also available free of charge upon request.

  • Eliminating Water Hazards, published in Traumagram, August, 1992;
  • Can Aquatic Safety Systems Eliminate Starting Block Injuries, published by American Swim Coaches Association Newsletter, October, 1992;
  • A Uniform Minimum Safe Diving Depth for Swimming Facilities, published by ASTM in Head and Neck Injuries in Sports, 1994;

To request a copy of any or all of the above presentations or articles, send an email to either of the following emails addresses or phone your request using our toll-free number below.

Email: ron@aquaticisf.org


Mail: 631 Warner Drive
, Michigan 48451 USA

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