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Examples of Liability Cases

Diving Accident

At a beach owned by a homeowners' association, a young man who had been drinking dove off the end of a long dock. The water was only three feet deep, and he hit bottom and was paralyzed.

Because there were no gates, warning signs or depth markers, the property owners, dock manufacturer and dock installer were found partially responsible. Now these features have been installed, and will prevent similar accidents from happening.


School Pool Accident

In Wisconsin, a 15-year-old boy in physical education class was preparing to swim 25 feet underwater, as part of a test to obtain a swimmer's card. The instructor asked the students to enter the water by diving from starters' blocks into the shallow end. The boy hit bottom in the three-foot water, and broke his neck, resulting in paralysis.

Many parties were liable in this case: the instructor was clearly negligent, as was the school system. The manufacturer of the starters' blocks did not place warnings on the blocks, and the installer placed the blocks improperly in the shallow end of the pool. Because of the lawsuit, changes were made to improve the safty of the high school pool, and the U.S. Swim Association now requires a minimum of 4.5 feet of water when placing starters' blocks.


Backyard Pool Accident

A three-year old child in Long Beach, California was playing in his backyard when the telephone rang. While his mother's attention was diverted, he fell into the family's swimming pool.

A jury decided that the pool manufacturer was partially responsible for the drowning, because it did not adequately inform the pool owner of precautions and safety features that could have prevented the accident. This legal principle is called "superior knowledge." If the family had known what the pool company knew, the accident could have been prevented.


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